‘No Guidance’ and “Spirit” Videos Are Most Welcomed

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Am actually taking about this artists we looked upon prior few years back. Drake and Chris Brown, also Beyonce are most expected musical giants fans dreamed seeing their collaboration and videos.

Chris Brown and Drake made it lit this year behind aged beef
circling them. An album span in between Drizzy and Breezy (Indigo) as remarkable project were both parties squeezed off misdemeanor, of course reconciliation was actually the main reason we are listening and watching No Guidance video only in the wake of reunion . The notable great minds must’ve scheduled new turn up probably 2020 stock-still another anticipating moment were Drake aim to debut another friendly album for Billboard. Indigo featured more peers and Drake wasn’t missing on such album. No Guidance song video is one of the video we set eyes this summer also fans anxiously awaited for its unveiling.

Chris Brown featuring Drake is something we waited and it happened just few days after past social-bullying and critical cryptic brawl. After series of low profile to each other, Chris Brown and Drake signed peace with feat. Indigo as well pushed further into a scene that incorporating the once foes. Their feud served some consecutive years before getting iced off this year.

Another most welcomed video is Beyonce’s Spirit. Although her past videos maintained its brand to keep fans going. Queen B ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ which came as belated follow-up to her 2016 Lemonade was debuted this with some related feature across the boarder. Spirit was the first video we watched following the album release. So are they your best comeback of 2019 ?

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