Watch Lil Wayne “Old Town Road” Video (Remix)

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Watch Lil performance

Don’t get it twisted, the was actually a performance from Lil Wayne. Old Time Road keep making waves, remix the breakout song.

Young Thug and Lil Nax previously released their own version and upon all that the song proceed to Feat. a Koria singer.

Despite watching the official, maybe you all should peek on Lil Wayne new Old Town Road performance at the 2019 Lollapalooza Festival on Saturday (Aug. 3). We view the song as another version of Old Town Road but Lil Wayne might put the full version ? oh not sure.

Wayne show at the annual Chicago, reignite Lollipop song, which surface during 2008. He don’t brought the on the show but Tunechi found foundness and hopped-in with Old Town Road. You need to see his verse.

“I got the horses in the back and she twerk it for a pony/Ooh, she got that honky-tonky, I met her on Farmers Only,” Wayne raps while dancing around the stage. “White bandana ’round my neck, ooh my collar getting dirty/I pop a couple perkies, I chew ’em like they jerky/Pull up on a tractor, lean and jolly ranchers/Popa was a rolling stone, but me, I roll like tractors.”

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Lil Wayne didn’t snob the song after good performance on billboard chart. He also gave some  pieces about the single. Watch below.

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