Lil Baby SNL

Watch Lil Baby Performs New Songs on SNL

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Lil Baby performed new songs on SNL. Those songs came from his new album It’s Only Me which he released last year 2022. While the rapper is yet to share his first 2023 songs, at least he has been featured on Trippie Redd’s new album Mansion Musik via two songs like “Dark Brotherhood” and “Fully Loaded”. Check out Lil Baby SNL performance below.

While we wait for something from Lil Baby, The California Breezy rapper took the stage on Saturday Night Live SNL using two of his new song from It’s Only Me project to thrill his fans and audience.

Lil Baby 2023 SNL featured songs like California Breezy and Forever. The rapper’s appearance on SNL is something his fans have appreciated so far this January. These two songs in question are hit tracks from last year’s project which featured Future, Young Thug, and EST Gee.

Rolling Stone also reported that Lil Baby performed California Breezy along with In A Minute. However, you can watch the video below and let us know what you think. This is Lil Baby’s first time he performing at SNL this year.

Lil Baby is simply working on a new album which he never announced. But the rapper despite the release of It’s Only Me in 2022, he also joined Aswehiphop 2022 compilations. Meanwhile, you can check out Lil Baby 2022 songs and features.

Lil Baby SNL is just cool and very interesting to watch. If you love it, just let us know what you think.