Young Thug Exchange Drug In Court with Adams

Young Thug Exchange Drug In Court with Adams, Watch

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Young Thug is currently in jail. While many keep asking to free him, a video has caught Young Thug exchanging drug while in the court room. The news has been reported by XXLMAG but officially surfaced on WSBTV. Young Thug exchange in the court is something that was not fully confirmed though.

The website reporters Mark Winne and Michael Seiden were able to share the video where Thugger and one other co-defendant Kahlieff Adams are shown in alleged “hand-to-hand” exchange of a drug. They were doing this while in the courtroom.

You can watch the video below. It shows three people, an attorney on the left and Young Thug in the middle while Kahlieff Adams by right exchanging the so-called drug with Young Thug.

“Prosecutors say the surveillance shows Adams walk over to where Young Thug is seated with his attorney and then drop a Percocet in his hand. A deputy confronts Young Thug and he turns over the pill to authorities,” Michael Seiden shared on Twitter.

Additionally, Adams was reportedly transported to a local hospital after he apparently ingested contraband in an attempt to avoid repercussions.

Below you can watch the video showing Kahlieff Adams walking directly from the back to where Young Thug is sitting beside an attorney. He gave the drug to Young and immediately left behind. Though looks like the plan didn’t work out as a police officer then confronts Young Thug and probably took whatever he receive from Adams.

What do you think about the video showing Young thug exchange drug in the courtroom?