Usher New Album Starts With ‘Lalala’ Feat. Black Coffee ?

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Usher New Album Starts With 'Lalala' Feat. Black Coffee ?

Last year October, Usher boasted a roaster of two talented guests.The album A featured notable hip-hop giants with the likes of Future (Stay At Home) and Gunna (Gift Shop). Many of his fans thought were like the album, oh this project only welcome two hip-hop fixture Future and Gunna. Not many were happy about the project although Usher Raymond IV who was able to gave us about 8 tracks serving as his A album tracklist.

You are not the only one waiting for Usher’s up next album and all we can do right now is to keep waiting. Few hours long am been disturbed by one of my Usher’s vicious fan over new song i know nothing about yet. A friend asked, hey links you got a new song from Usher Lalala. It was i little bit rare before i could even understood his point but not knowing is about a new song from Black Coffee feat. Usher.

This song in question is coming from Black Coffe and according to Pitchfork, the new single follows Black Coffee’s 2018 single “Wish You Were Here.”  Usher never unveiled any album nor any standalone single. Black Coffee and Usher Lalala aim at South Africans. It mainly for them as the South Africa DJ Black Coffee once said on Twitter that he and usher has been busy “New Music loading with Usher.”

However, Usher might gear up for new album probably sometime next year as we only expect albums like R9 December and Drake November. Those albums are happening this year soon. Listen to the song below via youtube and Spotify.

What People Are Asking

Usher 2019 album still under consideration but let’s hope to stream something like project next year or maybe usher will only disclose about any of his future album. So his new album, title, tracklist or cover is faraway beyond this year.

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