Lil Wayne and Euro ‘Talk 2 Me Crazy’ Song Added To Top List

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Lil Wayne and Euro 'Talk 2 Me Crazy' Song Added To Top List

It been a perfect seasons, year and tracing through the past few months probably ranging from January till date, Lil Wayne had impressive collaborations. Collection of songs from various artists. While his featured songs continue getting the best compile from Amahiphop, more songs keeps coming and today i updated All 2019 Songs featuring Lil Wayne.

So far, i have only updated some complied featured songs under, Eminen, J. Cole, Travis Scott, Snoop Dogg and Meek Mill. Though couldn’t get my sight over some artists owing to pure feature in number. However, Lil Wayne seem the most featured artist this year ? Maybe if you got your own list i might even review it.

Euro And Lil today, delivered new song called Talk 2 Me crazy which has been added to Lil Wayne’s 2019 top featured list.the Dominican-American rapper, born Eufradis Rodriguez, has unveiled his brand new single ‘Talk 2 Me Crazy’ where he is joined by his boss, Lil Wayne. The track is pretty short in length and isn’t aimed at the radio but with the bouncy instrumental and a decent Weezy feature, it will be appreciated by fans.

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