Tyga’s Career Surviving without Cash Money, Inks Multi-Million With Colombia Records

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Tyga's Career Surviving without Cash Money, Inks Multi-Million With Colombia Records

Tyga amassed new fortunes which will likely to put him on brand of new projects and of his music career flowing. T-RAWW is now part of Colombia Records after inking multi-million deal.

Remember Tyga and Cash Money had this long beef since he tugged out from the lable, Tyga is quite trending with related singles, project. His clash with Birdman yeild him departing from Cash Money Record label.

Tyga has been on a sort of break lately probably his inner workings is obviously clear following his latest deal with Colombia Records.

On signing with Columbia, a Sony Music owned entity, the Compton-born rapper plans to take his image global the right way on his second go around. He tells Variety, “They (Columbia) definitely understand the global brand of the company. I have a lot of fans worldwide — in places I’ve never been like South America, and in places I have been like Asia and Europe. They can help bring that to a larger scale. Doing it independently, you don’t really have those teams to help worldwide. Sony, if you look at the history from what they’ve done from Pharrell to Beyonce to Adele — then you look at Lil Nas X, one of their new artists that’s blown up this year — they’ve done a lot for artists globally, for their brand. That’s why I wanted to partner up with them.”

Tyga’s rised to success not only from Cash Money but his doings under Lil Wayne Young Mony helped him as well. Tyga released Legendary album this year.

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