Ty Dolla Sign New Song With Nicki Minaj “Expensive” Video

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Ty Dolla Sign Expensive video is out featuring Nicki Minaj. This song and video previously was promised to get released on Friday and here is it as well featuring on Amahiphop August 2020 hip-hop videos. The video featured mansion, luxury car, shopping haul, bills, dress made with cascading money. You can watch it above. This post has been updated.

Ty Dolla Sign New Album Readies with Nicki Minaj, Expensive

Ty Dolla Sign much expectation is that he definitely going to drop new album but when really will it happen. Tracing through 2019 no album, mixtape from Dolla, meanwhile announcing new single with Nicki Minaj sounds perfect and obviously implies that something is behind studio.

So Nicki Minaj 2020 Amahiphop songs compilation almost ready. Her singles album, guest appearance in 2020 will soon be compiled on Amahiphop. Sure it’s inevitable since slew of songs like Yikes, Move Ya Hips, TROLLZ are part of Nicki Minaj body of collaborations. While she’s also joining force with NBA YoungBoy, another announced but not yet released is Expensive, officially dropping from Ty Dolla Sign featuring Nicki Minaj same this year ?

Expensive coming to streaming this month, this week Friday. He revealed on Twitter on the song is featuring Nicki Minaj which also serve as follow up to his Ego Death song released in June.

Ty Dolla Sign is about to drop new album which he lifted as Dream House. Well the rapper actively working to balance his fans with something fresh. Note that the Expensive in question was once previewed and the full track drops this Friday.

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