Watch Rihanna and ASAP Rocky Skincare Questions and Answers

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Rihanna Skincare Interview with ASAP Rocky

These superstars making positive strides again. Their conversation about Fenty brand, skincare from CEO Rihanna popularly and traditionally known as Robyn Rihanna Fenty is whole lot of amazing, so glance as you are about to see notable playful energy Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have saved simply to set up this great moment.

Rihanna and Rocky earlier this year sparked into suspicious relationship. Actually was not seriously clarified else folks decision them as dating mate, confirming their hangout.

Rihanna in no way confirmed this entanglement with Rocky but on Wednesday, she romantically gave ASAP Rocky flirty display in a video shared by Vogue. They just return to public eye and this time you might be wondering common share between them in 2020 but for the fact ASAP Rocky representing Fenty as ambassador, is easier to describe both.

Rihanna successfully launched her Skincare line last month and Rocky having agreed to ambassador the Skincare line did lavish his queries at Rihanna. Watching the video below, Rocky asked Rihanna to describe her Fenty skincare line of course her skin type.

Rihanna women Fenty Fashion

My skin type is just complicated as men are. Her reply immediately left ASAP Rocky laughing. Yeah, you wasn’t ready for that because you always try to say women are complicated. It’s y’all, as she continued.

There was so many questions ASAP Rocky asked Rihanna but one of the most never asked before is when he asked Rihanna how she managed to be mentally and spiritually aligned. According to Rihanna she explained the question as something she haven’t heard probably since he start running her Fenty business from scratch to bucky. However she answered by saying, being mentally and inspirationally aligned I mean, it calls for two different sides of my brain and my spirit. Because one is a lot more logical.

Below you watch ASAP Rocky answers 18 questions from rumoured date while Rihanna 15 all about skincare line.

Rihanna Fenty overshadowing her music career since the inception of this great opportunity. However, her categorically stated she still the music mind only taking her time to drop R9 at when due, you know when it’s right.

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