Travis Scott Surpasses Drake on Spotify Using Utopia Album

Travis Scott Surpasses Drake on Spotify Using Utopia Album

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Since the release of his new album Utopia album, there has been a new wave on Spotify streaming platform. Normally Drake has been album to hold records on Spotify as the most monthly listener.

Sure, from the new record, Travis Scott has surpassed Drake for monthly Spotify listeners and from the look of things Utopia and the hottest album in the U.S. right now and a lot of people have continued to stream the album not only on Spotify but also on Apple Music.

We all know Travis Scott has been absolutely absent when it comes to new albums. Just five years later he released Utopia, precise this year.

Utopia has given Travis Scott this tremendous stream in us as the most monthly Spotify listenership following the release of the album. So far, Travis has the 74,948,916 monthly Spotify listeners, topping Drake’s 74,740,788.

Breaking such a record is great indeed and has shared his rap career as well gain more heart for himself. If T Scott maintained this record for the last five years he would have achieved more out of his career.

Utopia is the best rap album so and following its release, it had the biggest debut for a rap album in 2023, moving nearly 500,000 equivalent album units in its first week.

Hopefully, Drake could possibly regain this spot probably with his upcoming album “All For The Dogs.” Here on Aswehiphop, Drake has gotten more features. Check out Drake’s 2023 new songs and features.