50 Cent Makes Fun of Busta Rhymes' Massive Chain

50 Cent Makes Fun of Busta Rhymes’ Massive Chain

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In the company of DaBaby, 50 Cent made fun of Busta Rhymes’ massive chain, igniting laughter.

As part of 50’s Final Lap Tour commemorating the 20th anniversary of his debut album  “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, New York rap legends rocked the PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, North Carolina on Wednesday (August 16).

Amid the celebratory atmosphere, a backstage exchange unfolded. It was centered around 50 Cent Making fun of Busta Rhymes’ massive chain

A video shared on 50 Cent’s Instagram captured the moment as he jestingly quipped…

“Tell him the chain too big! Tell that n-gga his chain too big! He got no friends, they not telling him!”

This theme of awe at Busta Rhymes’ colossal chain was not confined to 50 Cent. Back in May, Jim Jones, a member of Dipset and Flipmode Squad, marveled at the chain’s size during a meeting in Las Vegas.

He exclaimed, that the is chain “fucking” retarded. Also he said that it looked the chain was growing, as it looked bigger in the day.

50 Cent’s Final Lap Tour has welcomed Busta Rhymes as one of its opening acts, a collaboration that commenced in July.

Busta himself celebrated 50 Cent’s success in ticket sales during a Toronto stop, exclaiming…

“840,000 in one week, worldwide. N-gga sold 675,000 tickets before the first show. In four days. 840,000 in one week.”

In response to Busta Rhymes’ praise, 50 Cent humorously quipped, “That’s cause’ I been outta the country.”

As the Final Lap Tour experiences robust ticket sales, it has expanded its reach to include markets such as the UK, North America, and potentially Australia.

The prospect of touring Africa also tempts 50 Cent, who hinted at the possibility. Reflecting on the journey, he stated, “I gotta get to Africa. I got a lot of spots I gotta hit before I be done, because this is the Final Lap Tour.”