Tory Lanez Get Headbutt For Another Nicki Minaj Interfere

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Tory Lanez Get Headbutt For Another Nicki Minaj Interfere

Tory Lanez socially headbutted by Nicki Minaj Barbz minds. Might be wondering what’s going on or did Nicki Minaj and Lanez had notable differences. To me it’s extremely odd, both haven’t engaged into beef rather Nicki Minaj fans must have misunderstood the Shooters singer.

Without being told, Nicki Minaj Tekashi 6ix9ine TROLLZ song has gotten series of backlash. Even some artist slammed her for working with me federal agent but that’s none of Nicki’s biz.

The song gave Tekashi his first No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 without much accolades stretched from related hip-hop peers, although has been known as super-snitch.

The song’s success being off-putting to many, the song’s fast fall from grace was always going to be fodder for talk and memes, and from has been online lately were comment on Twitter from fans noted that Cardi B, Nicki’s nemesis, would never have found herself in such a position. The tweet got like from Tory Lanez Barbz fans furiously bounce at him for interfering.

Well Tory Lanez according to the Toronto base artist also made it know that should be a platform where they it will be used to insulate the Queen Creator. Also said Nicki is his favorite female rapper.

“Oohh I thought I heard a nigga with no hairline said some about the Queen of Rap ?” One fan adds.

More tweet: “Anyways. He backtracking cause he got caught and the barbs were ripping that ass up.” On Twitter

“First it was Drake then it was Dream Doll, now it’s Nicki Minaj, every time you in the news it’s cus you getting at a female…. where is your music?” On Twitter.

“Is my favorite female rapper..I don’t know what y’all are trying to do this morning ..I made a honest mistake on a touch screen phone . Anytime I’ve had an issue, y’all know me for being vocal . I wouldn’t go like a random tweet nor use my platform to insult the queen”. He said after getting cancelled by Nicki Minaj fans.

Nicki Minaj and Tory Lanez aren’t beefing but in 2018 something cracked in as regards to Nicki Minaj not in Tory Lanez Memories Don’t Die which was released I March 2 2018. 

Nicki Minaj did figures some unfamiliar words he used and address her while trying to feature on that album on Shooters track. But in and Interview with HotNewHipHop, Tory Lanez also blamed himself on why Nicki Minaj wasn’t featured.

“Shooters,” Lanez said: “I was telling her something about the verse. I wasn’t saying it was bad or anything, her verse was incredible, and I’m also like a super-Nicki fan. But I was telling her something, and it may have came off… Cause I was texting her, and it may have came off in a different way, she probably read it in a different way than I said it.”

“I think it maybe kinda came off a little bit arrogant, or I kinda said something I shouldn’t have said about her verse, and she was like, ‘Well, [if] it’s not that serious, take my verse off the thing.’ We was like, ‘Aight.’ I love Nicki Minaj when it comes down to her music and the whole thing, but I’m not a reacher. Once a nigga says it’s quiet, it’s quiet… Maybe in the future when the time is right, we’ll do something that’s right, that we both feel comfortable with.” He added. What do you think about his recent like ?

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