Toni Braxton & Birdman Goes To Court Over Missing Ring

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Toni Braxton & Birdman engagement ring must be figured out since the R&B Toni Braxton has look forward to retrieve the ring Birdman gave her. Toni said the missing Ring was stolen by a working yet never wants to provide it and some other relative materials like jewelry totaling $2.5 million was also taken from the suspect.

The couple has been reported, they want to get to the root of the disappearing ring meanwhile they are rooting to apprehend the suspect after the LAPD detectives discovered her ring was indeed stolen, according to TMZ.

On Thursday July 11, Toni head over to court for the sake of her missing engagement gift from Baby.

She’s so desperate about the lost/stolen item and has promise to love the person “I would love for the person to have remorse and just turn it in,” she said. Stuffs like jewels ,Rolex watches, two pair of vintage earrings and a Cartier timepiece all were stolen.

The suspect stem from LAX Airport where he works. His co-workers admitted that the suspect was seen behind Toni Braxton luggage, where she kept her engagement ring and other mentioned stolen items.

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We also wonder why she pulled off the ring from her finger yer she reveals that “I have lupus so when I travel I have to take my jewelry off because I swell.” TMZ reported. Toni and Braxton are not married yet engaged using ring method. Both has been on exiting romance lately and their relationship still positive but wants that ring back.

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