Logic Joins Silas On ‘These Days’ New Song – Listen

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Logic songs

Silas finally grip on Logic and hit up studio with him, using a new collaboration These Days. Logic would have been one of our most featured rapper our base though just few collaboration leaving Wiz Khalifa to made our list.

Now Silas has release a new song enlisting the rapper. But there’s something behind the hit and is all about Silas dealing with Logic’s new record label, meanwhile the Gaithersburg Maryland signed rapper is now a full member to BobbyBoy Records in partnership with Def Jam.

It all start with a new song These Days which we need to get our earshot bit close to listen to this very hit. Check out below. Logic dropped his Homicide video with Eminem this year but is that actually a hit ? the song probably sparked but not many appreciate it at the first place.

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