The Game: Young Artists Of This Generation Are Dying So Young

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The Game: Young Artists Of This Generation Are Dying So Young

Being so sad since we lost Juice Wrld who was Pronounced Dead on (December) 8th. The cause of his death is extremely strange but media outlet and closest are admitting he died of Seizure.

The rapper couldn’t making it to nearby hospital during his transport for medical attention. He died while rushing him to hospital of course emergency.

Hip-hop, yesterday lost another notable mastermind artist any peers has been mourning over his untimely death. Same this year we lost Nipsey Hussle. His disappearance via gun shot can’t be overemphasized yet we keep on the controversial more addicted just like 2019.

There’s other local artists that lost their lives and Juice Wrld is on the contemporaries list. As many behind hip-hop showing condeles to late rapper Juice Wrld, The Game also made it more obvious, how he felt and also advocate about how this generation artists dying so young.

While Meek Mill post on Instagram,”Can’t Believe It”, Snoop Dogg added Rest. “Yo Soul Lil Hommi.” Many hip-hop textures has sent in condolences message and B 2 Rap rapper is shading on Young artists of this generation check out below.

Juice Wrld photos

Juice Wrld death come so sudden and have left everyone wondering how come. Just like Amahiphop reported initially, investigation conduct has been followwd right off the bat. On multiple occasions we have heard or seen side Stories about Wrld death.

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