The Game Gave Young Buck $1,000 after 50 Cent Denies Royalties

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The Game Gave Young Buck $1,000 after 50 Cent Denies Royalties

Things about The Game and 50 Cent continue to revolve around hip-hop. With the latest swirling Young Buck found himself, the G-UNIT rapper is blaming Fiddy for drying of his wallet, turned the Foofy rapper to beg across for help.

Young Buck still haven’t settled with 50 Cent meanwhile there’s chances of Cent withholding Young Buck’s bounty. 

50 Cent maintains Young Buck should pay him his money for boosting from G-UNIT. Already 50 believes there’s numerous debtors around him and Young Buck name is notorious in his debt list. 

Young is being held down to complete his deal with 50 Cent but before he goes off there shouldn’t be any Royalties since 50 Cent continue nagging harder at Young Buck for his money.

Both have dissed each other in the wake of their beef since 2008 where Cent lyrically diss Buck. However Young Buck facing bankrupt is because 50 Cent deal and the rapper’s financial status is characterized as 50 Cent scenario.

As 50 Cent Young Buck beef become fixture, Young Buck might’ve experience financial hardship and he labeled 50 Cent the cause. Meanwhile he has attracted attentions from different platforms calling for help which The Game finally come in rescue.

Reports has it that Young Buck filed for bankruptcy and accused 50 Cent of holding out on giving him his royalties. Following the report, Buck came forward to share in a video that the gossip was true while asking the public to help him financially. The Game decided to do just that, and he shared his good deed on social media.

He also shared for help and ask for fans to contribute with their own little way of $1. “Listen up world, I just seen in the headlines what they were saying, I only got $100 in my pocket, I only got $100 worth of clothes, $100 worth of jewelry — sh*t like that. I figure now is the perfect time to go there and start a GoFundMe. Send me $1, that’s all I need. Just $1, man.”

The Game caught the idea as well understood the rapper then decide to help with $1,000. “N*ggas keep hittin my DM’s tryna be funny wit this video of my n*gga ‘Young Buck’ aka @buckshotz asking for people to cash app em $1….. hate to see my n*gga havin to do day type sh*t,” The Game wrote. “Know we ain’t holla’d in years but I had to hit ya sh*t wit a band just on the strength. & I’m gone send another $1,000 to somebody young & black to help them out wit they situation this month !!!”

The Game was once in 50 Cent catalog of foes. Last year The Game revealed that he has some unreleased songs with him in his hard drives which are “timeless.”

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