Tekashi 6ix9ine Shift Focus in Remixing “Many Men” 50 Cent
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Tekashi 6ix9ine Shift Focus in Remixing "Many Man" 50 Cent

Ok I think nobody else doubting our Tekashi on his first Billboard No. 1 debut. From prison back to public domains of course to hip-hop fixture. However, his positive move has been captured. Fact is that the federal snitching rapper has gotten first No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 then troll side foes even shelving plans to shock more TROLLZ backbiters.

The same 69, having sworn to be Barbz mind, Nicki Minaj continue giving integral to Tekashi 6ix9ine not only we earshot at FEFE and TROLLZ yet more prospect assured.

Amahiphop once reported Tekashi working with one of the biggest Hip-hop gangsta and folks thinks 50 Cent is pretty good with collaboration across someone he labeled as clown. But Tekashi and 50 relationship is unpredictable, he mostly prefer working with Nicki Minaj then take Fiddy into studio for turn up.

While he keep on hunting over 50 Cent to add his gangsta voice probably new Tekashi’s featuring 50 Cent sounds perfect to GOOBA but it’s all taking longer. Meanwhile Tekashi 6ix9ine believe he’s business with Cent is starting and wants to start from remixing 50 Cent’s Many Men traditional hit.

Following swirling that’s mingling around, 50 Cent most have heard Tekashi and Akademiks recent conversation where the social media commentator and rainbow hair rapper talked about more future collaboration. 50 Cent poke fun over idea of Tekashi 6ix9ine remixing Many Men song which originally a Nas song, XXLMAG told Amahiphop.

“It’s not gonna happen to Fif it was a big joke but we know them ni**as on some clown sh*t,” sources said.

When Akademiks asked who Tekashi 6ix9ine would be willing to work with, he responded, “I’ll work with Nicki. Oh, and Fifty! I want to make a ‘many men, wish death upon me’.” Aks quickly interrupted to remind Tekashi that Pop Smoke already remixed that track, to which 6ix9ine replied, “I know! That sh*t was so hard!”. 50 Cent released Pop’s cover of the song, which he titled “Mercy,” in February, shortly after Pop was killed in his home during an apparent robbery.

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Tekashi shifting focus on 50 Cent obviously the rapper is working to bring the POWER co-creator into studio.

50 Cent Many Men is a Nas song and Nicholson during interview with Mass Appeal said the song belong to Nas. “50 [Cent’s] song ‘Many Men’ was a Nas track first—he actually vocalled it,” says Nicholson. “He was developing another artist named Nashawn… he had to massively impress Nas. If Nas started something, he would add his vocal to it and see if Nas would be impressed enough to keep it. [Nas] didn’t finish that track… that was a track that he just fell out of love with.”


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