Tekashi 6ix9ine Could Get Fans Back Only “Make Good Music”

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Could Get Fans Back Only "Make Good Music"

Is Tekashi ix9ine felony rising him to mega fame ? The rapper is still behind bars yet many here desperately wants justice in cooperation. Hip-Hop rappers labled the rainbow hair FEFE as snitching rapper. Been a long year for 69 who built mountain of charges over the past years.

Tekashi 6ix9ine court hearing rescheduled and hopefully 69 steps forward to court same this month, Sept. 16. As for his court hearing, court demand he should testify over alleged Kidnapped and robbery case. His upcoming movement to court draw him to testify if he co-led in the Kidnapped operation against GUMMO rapper.

Daniel Hernandez, May 8, 1996, known professionally as 6ix9ine keeps screwing up his career, extensive charges and more beyond misdemeanor made most of his fans flee off from his fan-base. The self-righteous 9 loose his props in Hip-Hop culture for snitching to Feds. Both Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Bobby and most furious Badazz Boosie warn the Tekashi to remain in jail else he will be murdered in less than a week after his bail out. Badazz took this measures since the FEFE rapper found foundness snitching to feds simply hunting for less sentence, yet feds promise to protect him following information he disclosed.

Is no longer a secret that 69 has been serving series of plight before his fans. His Gangsta has been examin by 50 Cent who hopped on interview with Ebro. and comment on 69 career. 50 Cent, who was known to hang with Tekashi, has served up his take on the matter. He said 69 get his fans gets his fans back  only if he could make good music.

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“If he made the record, I believe the audience will play it,” 50 says after explaining how little he thinks fans care about the rules of the street. “They don’t care. They’ll look at it and go, ‘If you was gonna hurt my mother, and you was messing with my baby mother, and you was doing this,’ they’ll be like, ‘Man, they would’ve told too.’ ‘Cause they don’t have a defense if somebody was gonna do that to them.'”

What People Are Asking 

When will 69 release from jail is a common query his fans are asking. Just like I said, his court hearing has been rescheduled to September 16 for his stand to testify on alleged Kidnapped case. Meanwhile, am not sure if the rapper will be out this month if found guilty. 69 could make more fans only if turn himself greenlight

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