50 Cent Admits Career Is Nothing Without Dr Dre Helping

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50 Cent admits Career Is Nothing Without Dr Dre  Helping

50 Cent definitely knows how to present his dudes. Most of his green light, amassed fortunes are coupled with relative hip-hop freak rappers. Foofy and Dr Dre had this historical abundance, common shares in their tumultuous relationship and it continue to grow on basis. Let me just add little spice, fiddy most times isn’t friendly to fellow duds, those of his adversary am talking about but as of Dr Dre, categorically he meant every words he did said during his recent interview with Ebro.

50 Cent with Ebro again ? It sounds odd but  the radio host  Ebro, and 50 Cent are getting along after cyberbullying each other, trolling each now Fiddy got luxury interview were he talked about his long-standing relationship with Dr Dre. Cent chimed in topics which one of them is about Jay-Z vicious NFL brutal that happened to attract diverse range of up in arms following his deal.

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The video below shows series of hints even talked about Tekashi ix9ine, his controversial POWER Theme with respect for the first version of (‘Big Rich Town’) were Joe was featured before the song got Squeal to Trey Songz and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, why he did spin both the first and second version of Big Rich Town, the continuation of the series (POWER) after this season for other spinoffs and more.

While being positive speaking, 50 then unwrapped his view on Andre Romelle Young, known professionally as Dr. Dre. He said he owe the producer a lot for his career. Streaming video below.

Of course both Dr Dre and 50 Cent always got covered over each other. Some of the big hits behind 50 Cent music career are been produce by Dr Dre. 50 Cent,  Dr Dre and Scott Storch are hoping to drop new song together which might surface sometime this year.

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