Tekashi 6ix9ine Baby Mama Explained How His Brain Works

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Baby Mama Explained How His Brain Works

Sara Molina, Tekashi 6ix9ine baby has explained the physical an emotional psychoanalysis on how 6xi9 performs with his brain. Sara Molina having some minutes on a short interview previewed her been with alleged snitching rapper. 

On her VladTV interview, she probably claim it to 69 by saying the rapper won’t do anthing stupid behind bars. FEFE rapper who inflected himself with racketeering and firearms, creating mountian of charges that got him sentenced is till some jabs for culture

His baby mama also reference on 69 snitch after 90’s rappers slam T-Pain for snitching with born Daniel Hernandez. She adimtted that Daniel is no longer a gangster after breaking their consensus by snitching. 

He called him a culture vulture. “He could definitely reinvent himself, I’ve seen him do it a million times,” she said. “He’s like a culture vulture, he can adapt to anything.” She then continue on how his brain works, telling that 69 brain is evil with smart.

“I feel like in a way these grown men were manipulated by this little rainbow haired kid,” she said.

“Money and fame will make people do a lot of things,” she added. “I was manipulated — He’s a narcissist, I’m telling you that now. He’s very smart, I give him that. If I can give Danny credit for anything, his brain works in an evil way but it’s smart. It benefits him. And he’s ambitious.” 

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