Birdman Playing Business On Drake Despite Young Money

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Drake has always been that jugganute landmark artist. Since his deal with Cash Money/ Young Money, many goodies keep striking positively on both recs. Amahiphop desperately weigh in on forbes updates, “Can Cash Money, The Label That Launched Drake and Nicki Minaj, Strike Platinum Again? ” as the heading reads. 

While majorities trying to know what’s the appeal is all about, we think you all should encounter that intimate knowlage that Drake was signed to Birdman through Lil Wayne’s Young Money label. so it always been that fact Baby and Lil Tunechi are having some perfect share from Drake.

Following report from forbes, “Meanwhile, Drake’s status remains something of a mystery. On his 2018 album Scorpion, he declared himself “out of the deal” after fulfilling his contractual obligations; Cash Money’s spokesperson says he’s scheduled for one more. Neither Drake nor Universal would comment on his status. The Williams brothers say they are “forever in business” with Drake, but won’t get more specific.”

We all knew Lil Wayne obsolate after his depart from Cash Money,everybody’s been wondering what that means for Young Money’s other two stars, Drake and Nicki Minaj. 

It also implies that Birdman may still have his bugs in, at least the bigger of the two stars. Which can’t be good for Drake. Drake also embark on strange report after his video with Summer Walker. The rapper was reported building his own label?

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