SZA Threatens Herself “May Stop Music Soon” watch
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It’s very sweet that we will be getting a new album from TDE artist soon. Just this Friday SZA will unleash her awaiting album SOS. But a lot has been going on and her recent Hot 97 interview is where SZA might have threatened herself with retirement. SZA is planning to stop making music.

SZA has really worked hard to make sure she gives her fans exactly what they want. Why she considers coming back to music sense because the expectation of her music is much. Meanwhile, even if she wants to retire or stop music soon maybe as a break, she still wants to drop a new album.

SZA stop music soon? Well, that would make fans want more of her. Though the CTRL singer has given her reason why she wants to disconnect herself from the world. Watch the below will only reveal more of her absence in the past years, she also talked about her SOS album. Watch below.

She is an artist who prefers dropping a good album that is worth listening just like her 2017 project loved around the world. But it looks like she is over labouring herself. If you have watched the interview above, then you see how she touched on things that would make her stop music soon.

The TDE artist, who is following up on the triple platinum ctrl from 2017, also talks about how she wants to buy an old Motorola flip phone to stay disconnected from the world.

So far, SZA has shared SOS tracklist and SOS artwork for her Friday album. The last song she released ahead of the album is SHIRT. No much features on the album although Travis Scott has become SZA favourite collaborator by resurfacing on her tracklist once more.

SZA stop music will not be a good for her fans.