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Meek Mill Wins Losses featuring Chris Brown Ty Dolla $ign

Meek Mill Wins and Loosses was released on July 21st, 2017 and the album just come after his EP,Meekend. Is also quite sure that the EP went viral as we expect, meanwhile his EP and the album in question surfaced this year 2017. Meek Mill has been on assiduous work about this album although it wasn’t that much anticipating before the MMG rapper released the album.

Wins and Losses, a third studio album that Meek has released so far. The project work is fully zip up with 17 tracks. This album as well as detailed all about his current life and has also hit a good record since the album was released.

Meek Mill Win and Losses also go Gold certified. It has always been a good project work from Meek Mill in 2017 and he also pushed it with a short video which was Spike Jordan directed. His which is bearing the name Win and Losses not an official name, already we once heard that the first name was Dreams and Nightmares part 2. That was the official name as announced but later changed to the new which you are seeing as Wins and Losses.

Following a post, published on Rap-Up, where Meek Mill settled down with Spotify, he disclosed more about the project. Like seriously he never defines the album name and that was very difficult for him. But according to him, it can be defined as what molded him of being Meek Mill.

Meek Mill has talked much about this album and today we are not only trying to give you a bit about it but detailing what the rapper has said so far.


I spit reality, it’s a rap album. This ain’t no trap album, this ain’t a mumble album, this ain’t no instrumental tape, this is a rap album here like I’m pouring my hate out, I’m speaking reality, you know I’m using lyrical content, some whit that’s gon’ make you think every here and there and you gotta double back and see what I said ‘cause I come from like the 90s on to the 2000 era. It’s a rap album, I don’t want people to ever get it confused, I got a lil’ new wave on there, just to mix in with the younger cats but Meek Milly I’m a rapper, I start off spitting and giving ‘em bars and giving people stuff they can feel and inspire the people, that’s what I game them on here.



Meek Mill currently share his new EP which follows his previous album. The EP “Legends of the Summer”  was released this year and you can also check it out.

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