Stormzy Releases a Blessing Album ‘This Is What I Mean’
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Do you know that Stormzy is back with a brand new album titled “This Is What I Mean”? Currently, the album is proving the British rapper his super talent. He has said a lot via the album and wants you to stream it.

According to him, this is his first album after three years of taking a break online. Of course, the album has been put out to touch people positively. The album in question featured about 12 tracks.

Some hot tracks on Stormzy’s 2022 album ‘This Is What I Mean’ are of “Hide & Seek” and “Firebabe.” Other songs are “Fire + Water”, “My Presidents Are Black”, “Sampha’s Plea”, “I Got My Smile Back”, and more.

Stormzy admitted that this album will definitely touch people and he has shared a lengthy post on his Instagram account. You will also ready what he said below.

Stormzy’s This is What I mean album is a follow-up album to his ‘Heavy Is The Head’ which was released back in 2019. He has always make a good album and this one is worth it.

According to his recent posts, he said his new album will “moves you and captures your imagination.” “I purposely trying to defy genres or go against the grain” but would continue “to make art for the rest of my life,” as he added.

“I pray you listen to this album with an open heart and if you hate it after I promise to God I’m perfectly fine with that, I’m just grateful that you listened with openness.

“I pray that it moves you and captures your imagination and I pray that someone, somewhere feels it. This is what I mean and it’s what I’ve always meant. God bless. Stormzy x.”

However, this is out and is one of the best Anticipated albums fans were expecting to get released this year. stream the album below and let us know what you think.

This album is also official available on Tidal.