So Forbes 2019 Highest Paid Acts List Is Questionable and Probe

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So Forbes 2019 Highest Paid Acts List Is Questionable and Probe

Forbes 2019 highest paid artists left most minds wondering if that’s actually the Forbes we embedded our trust on, over decade old. So who is judging 2019 prestigious paid list or do it just leaped out following Kanye West new tremendous fortunes in hip-hop. 

Forbes conducted extensive investigation, then put Kanye West on front wheel and got some bad sight from masterminds rappers like Cardi B and Meek Mill who are squeezing the list with respective opinion, nagging it down as a matter fake. Kanye West shoe production is now one of his avenue of income against his rap counterparts and Forbes labeled it as one of his lucrative business that bought him green light from 2019 Forbes.

Just few days we updated anticipated 2019 highest paid Acts and Kanye West turned himself heavyweight, beats Jay-Z, Diddy and other powerhouse rappers. That was what got both Meek Mill and Card B shared some classic jabs their experience With Forbes 2019 highest paid level artists. Meanwhile, both parties are Questioning and probing Forbes over the list.

Cardi B hopped on Twitter and ask, “Where do Forbes be getting they numbers from cause they way off.” Oh that’s sounds odd of course she’s not sure of the list. Meek Mill and is sick about the 2019 Forbes paid list. Maybe he might be asking what happened to our Billionaire rapper this year ? Though he reaction on Twitter is questioning the global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.

“The Forbes got our accounts fucked up lol ….” Meek Mill tweeted on Twitter.

According to Forbes, their numbers are based on the artist’s pretax income from June 2018 to June 2019 “before deducting fees for agents, managers and lawyers; figures are based on data from Nielsen Music, Pollstar, Bandsintown and interviews with experts, handlers and some of the stars themselves.” And what is the astonish, Jay-Z slop and Kanye West escalate. What are you saying ?

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