Michael Jackson’s Estate Price Increases By Billions After His Death

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Michael Jackson left estate has escalated, whooping about 1.7 (£1.3) billion following the singer’s death since 2009. We are still counting down the Forbes list which never enlisted that King of R&B/POP but MJ estate maintaining his name.

In a new documents, court has revealed that both executor and MJ Attorneys has rebuilt the fortune of the King Of Pop, after he left behind $500 (£400) million in debt at the time of his death.

Since 2018, the estate has been such lucrative, also gross earnings exceeding 1.7 Billion dollars around this year, almost 2M the lawyers disclosed to court so far according to report obtained from TheBlast.

‘Among other issues, at the time of Michael Jackson‘s death, Michael Jackson’s most significant assets were subject to more than $500 million of debt… some debt in default (the mortgage, and utilities on Jackson family home Hayvenhurst had been unpaid for several months).’

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‘With the assistance of their counsel, the Executors have successfully rebuilt and enhanced Michael Jackson’s image, solidified the MJJ business as a significant entity in the entertainment industry, entered into and continue to enter into unprecedented business deals that have produced, and will in the future produce, significant revenues for the Estate.’

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