Shenseea lick art cover

Megan Thee Stallion & Shenseea Get Into Lick Collab. with Curve Style

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Megan Thee Stallion knows how to drag a huge attention anytime she’s about drop a new song. She has been a great female rapper you can always pull into a collaboration and Shenseea has got the WAP co-creator into a new single. Meanwhile, Shenseea had already announced Lick song on Instagram account. According to the Dancehall star “Get ready!! We gonna go crazy this FRIDAY!.”

Today the song which she announced earlier is officially out featuring Megan Thee Stallion. So what exactly do you expect on this song because from the cover it looks so explicit. For the fact Megan is involved, then you are likely to listen to one of this dirty and sexual references on this song.

Listen to this Collab. from Savage diva and You’re the One I Love songstress, i will trigger you to expect the official video on Amahiphop U.S PMVC. If not on this month videos compilation then expect it on further. Without no dialogue, the art cover for this song has shown they are taking their curve body into official visual.

Both of them have been together partying since last year. The appeal behind all this was this song. Although the first time we are seeing their common relationship. They graduated from Texas Southern University. As you can see there are so many things they have shared together yet again the Best Reggae Act at the British Music of Black Origin, Shenseen is maintaining her bonafide star along with Megan Thee Stallion.

You can listen to the song below and tell us what you think. As for the Lick video, just hope for it since both can’t wait to show more of curve body only on photo but on video as well.

Shenseea Lick song could join Amahiphop U.S PMVC only if the official video come true this month or next month. They never mentioned the video although fans believe the cover art has proven the fact about the visual.