R.I.P: Pop Smoke Killed In His Home By Two Gunmen

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R.I.P: Pop Smoke Killed In His Home By Two Gunmen

Pop Smoke dead ? Hip-hop just lost another rapper. Pop Smoke according to report reaching Amahiphop, the rising New York rapper was killed by two gunmen. They broke into his resident around 4:30 in the morning. 

The untimely death, according to law enforcement, the rapper was killed during a home invasion at a Hollywood Hills, California, residence early Wednesday. 

Pop Smoke was gun down at the age of 20 after dropping his latest project which was released just last week. Bashar Barakah Jackson was shot fatally which led him to his early grave. Till now no result about his killers has been figured out but the police are currently hunting for suspects.

More investigation conduct has been going on since the shots. Pop Smoke is currently being mourned by friends and family following awful incident with hip-hop paying tributes to him. More information about his killers will be updated since the policemen are on duty to bring justice to light probably if those gunmen finally captured.

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