50 Cent Talks About Tekashi 6ix9ine Unstoppable Success After Prison

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50 Cent Talks About Tekashi 6ix9ine Unstoppable Success After Prison

50 Cent positively incline about Tekashi 6ix9ine. Since the incarcerated rapper was detained in prison, Fiddy continue to led his vocal towards 6 9 meanwhile during his recent interview, we aren’t surprise hearing some of his classic stores about FEFE rapper.

50 Cent had some moments with Angie Martinez. He was asked series of queries including Tekashi 6ix9ine which he responded without no springs attached. He talked about 6ix9ine ordeal but was plan with him, letting host and fans know the unbeknown about Tekashi whom he characterized as rapper who will still standout with his music front despite his downtime on hip-hop.

kids these days don’t really understand the unwritten rules that govern the street stuff so they’ll listen the music anyway, 50 Cent noted. Of course Cent believes  nothing will stop the rainbow hair rapper from stomping his contemporaries. He record will definitely sell if he finally released from prison.

“There’s nothing that will stop him from selling records,” Fifty said about 6ix9ine. “Ask them when they bought a CD last ’cause they’re not the music-buying audience,” he continued. “Middle America has kids that understand that you didn’t support people who were gonna hurt your mom. That you didn’t support people who were going to hurt you. They do try to understand the energy that goes on it and all the terminologies and all that stuff. But they do understand that part.”

50 Cent also reference his Tekashi 6ix9ine opinion with 2pac past. “He’ll have the same fear that 2Pac expressed that his fear was,” he explained. “He expressed that he would get killed by a random nobody. That’s who Tekashi would have to be worried about as far as gang association and the energy that’s going on outside.” Watch below.

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