Were Rihanna Lying About R9 Official Debut ?

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Were Rihanna Lying About R9 Official Debut ?

Socially, furious fans are up in arms and the appeal simply remains where’s 2019 R9, as promised. Do you really see online when Rihanna letting the official date for her R9 out ?

We might have acknowledged her gambling yet she brainwashed us last year, leaving most minds hoping and waiting for R9 on related streaming arenas.

2019, some fans purchased smart device to stream R9 without desperation attached and here’s 2020 of course her ninth project didn’t came to light as of last year. In December 2019, RiRi took to Instagram on frenzy note about her R9. She said the album is ready but only her is listening to the overemphasized album keyword R9.

However still the album is ready maybe we should get ready for R9  this month being Jenuary 2020.

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