Nicki Minaj Not In 2020 Anticipated Albums

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Nicki Minaj Not In 2020 Anticipated Albums

Nicki Minaj Not Drop Again ! Last year many rappers, male and female promised to release new album in 2020 and it signals how 2020 storming with different projects from separate genders of singers and rappers.

While R9 continue its annoying delay, Cardi B and more are huddling to inspire 2020 with new album. Drake, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar ? Those are albums slated to create this history under 2020.

More albums are coming specially those who didn’t came up with something deference in 2019, like Migos Culture III has been promised to hit 2020 feat. late rapper Juice Wrld, according to Offset. Love it or loath 2020 is definitely going to be overwhelmed with great albums.

Some side stories have been telling Eminem working on new album, but some of the top list of anticipated albums 2020 never noted that. Although we are currently gripping on 50 Cent’s assurance about Em renewing his music from in 2020. Same thing to Nicki Minaj. From our 101 anticipated albums, Nicki Minaj is obviously not reacting to encourage Barbz ok f new material. So dose it really means Chun Li still wants to maintain her 2019 October Comment.

Well, am not sure Nicki letting it go but honestly series of bicker are wondering if Nicki Minaj 2020 album coming since there’s not 2019 album of Minaj.

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