Rihanna Pause Album and Focus Fighting COVID-19

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Rihanna Pause Album and Focus Fighting COVID-19

Federal authorities major priority at the moment is to safe lives and secure back world economy. Covid-19 pandemic is behind recent world economy meltdown but People like Rihanna are also fighting relentlessly, doing everything across endeavors to assist relevant sectors with it’s stragedy of rendering the most featured equipment against novel Coronavirus outbreak.

However, her Dad has been discharged, he’s now Covid-19 Free after Ronald Fenty has gotten sound treatment with ventilator. That’s not were she started saving the world at least Rihanna and Foundation offered $5M to support medical practitioners, yet again join Jay-Z with $1M each to assist more.

Well, if there’s more excuses why R9 haven’t come to light then Rihanna letting it known about her struggling to help people survive Coronavirus shouldn’t be astonished. 

Taking to her Instagram account, Riri said she’s saving the world and Amahiphop learned that’s probably another blockage why R9 haven’t put to wrap. “If one of y’all motherf***ers ask me about the album one more time when I’m tryna save the world, unlike y’all president….on sight,” she said.

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