Drake Promise New Song with Popcaan, Preview New Music

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Drake Promise New Song with Popcaan, Preview New Music

Drake is widely keeping us awaiting but loath it or love Drake will definitely drop new album sometime this year. The fact is that the OVO mind haven’t brought exact date for his sixth studio album, though Amahiphop is not quite on despair on Drake’s future project.

Thanks to Drizzy, his Toosie Slide keep catching notable appreciation but more song is under his coverage since new album is what fans expects sooner. 

Drake’s never dropped songs leaked in 2019 there’s few of his songs that surfaced which was not recognized. While Coronavirus pandemic outbreak touring the universe, Drake and Popcaan are shelving plan to integral the God’s Plan rapper upcoming album.

Mark the producer is one of Drake’s favorite handcraft. He shared on Instagram live where new song of Drake featuring Pop. He was teasing some new tracks, including the collaboration with Poppy. “Big up the Unruly Boss,” Drake said during the live session. Mark can be heard in the background singing along to every word of Popcaan’s verse as if he was the author; evidently, he has heard the song on repeat many a time.

If there’s any love song from Drake then his unreleased Popcaan inspired will give us one.

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