Rick Ross Unveils Lavish $6 Million Yacht: Get An Exclusive VIP Tour

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Rick Ross
Rick Ross

Rick Ross is living life and isn’t shy to show the world.

Owner of numerous luxurious items and properties, this legendary rapper and businessman seem to have the world at his feet.

Ross just recently gave his fans a tour of his six million dollars yacht. On his way through the port of Maimi, the rapper took to social media to show off his Italian yacht. In the video, he disclosed that the yacht is 63 feet long with incredible features like the Lamborghini seats, steering well as well as a bedroom and bathroom.

Also in the video, Rick Ross revealed the amount of the Yacht. According to him, he stated that the price of the yacht ranges from $3.5 million to $6 million.

“The Lamborghini boat is a muthafuckin’ 10,” he says. “It’s a winner, I’m loving it. It’s wide open, they got a lot of space, so you can do a lot of networking, partying, talking money [and] talking business here in the city.”

Asides from spending money on luxury items, the rapper is also a philanthropist. Among his charitable actions is this successful attempt to save a Georgia clinic from shutting down after donating a whooping five-figure donation.

He said, “A clinic like this means a lot to me. I lost my father at an early age, and I felt like one of the reasons I lost him so early was his lack of healthcare.” 

The public hopes that more assistance will be offered to the clinic which operates mainly through donations.

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