Rick Ross Talks His 50 Cent Favourite Song Verse

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Rick Ross Talks His 50 Favourite Song Verse

Rick Ross and 50 Cent have had this over salty relationship in hip-hop genre. While 50 Cent keep rubbing off at Rick Ross, probably because of their differences, that’s not actually a prove the MMG rapper still can retaliate but Rozay giving acclaim to one of 50 Cent in a new drive by which he shared on Instagram.

Rick Ross spilled his positive guts during a recent Instagram video. “Hate It or Love It,” his 2005 collaboration with The Game. He said.

“I like how the ni**a says his mama was kissing a girl,” Rozay tells a fellow passenger. “That shit was hard. That ni**a’s mama was a bull dyke.”

He then told his friend to play back the verse. “That shit was hard,” he added. “That was that ni**a’s best verse. I ain’t gonna lie.”

Ross continued to rap along to the track before laughing when he heard the lyrics about 50’s bike being stolen.

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