Rick Ross Spent $100m

Rick Ross Claims He Has Spent $100m For The Past Six Months

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Rick Ross has reclaimed  being the biggest boss after he stated that he has spent upto a $100m for the past six months during  his recent appearance at the Ebro Darden’s Rap Life on Apple Music .

The talk show of Rick Ross and  Ebro Darden also feature the like of Meek Mill, meanwhile, the rapper’s claim cannot be doubted due to the fact that Rick Ross has a lot of establishments fhat can be fetching  more that amount of money for the past six months.

“Just keeping it 1,000, I done had my hands in 25 different pots, I been cooking on the stove for a long time. I really been getting money the whole time. I’m a real frugal n-gga at some points. But when it’s time to make a power play, I will. I’ll spend $100 million. I spent that in the last six months.” Rick Ross stated.

Meanwhile, fans can also agree with him when he said that he has spent close to a $100m for the past six months  following  all his luxury expenditures lately,  stating  from his newly acquired private jet and the rest on the things that he bought, following his statements.

“I just bought a crib for $35 [million], a jet for $35 [million], and the investments I’m over $100 million in the last six months. We ain’t just talking about it, we really getting to it and spending it.” He added to back up his claims.

That fact is that Rick Ross is doing all of this just to encourage all the hustlers out there to also have a very big dreams toward everything they want to do in life.

Meanwhile, Rick Ross is also still very much active with his music as he has a new collab “Shaq & Kobe”  with Meek Mill.