Report: Tupac Murder Case Should Be Closed Former LAPD Detective

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Report: Tupac Murder Case Should Be Closed Former LAPD Detective

Tupac murder should be close and to let people know his murder wasn’t mystery also people have. He was shot to dead over the past multiple decade ago in Las Vegas, 23 years.

Greg Kading who conducted extensive investigation as task offered from Federal task force. He examine Tupac murder for over three years even act as a crossover to biggie shooting investigator.

While the case continue aging from the day Pac was shot, Kading says he discovered a major breakthrough in the murder case.

Allhiphop told Amahiphop, D”Kading got his hands on a recorded confession from Duane Davis (also known by his street name Keffe D), who gave an initial statement under what’s known as a proffer session.”

So far, Kading is letting it known that Keffe D. admitted involvement in the Tupac slaying. Tupac murder has recounted his involvement in slaying the legendary rapper in 7th 1996 on multiple occasions.

Kading has then made advocate advicing Tupac murder case should be closed.

“A corroborated confession is one of the strongest pieces of evidence you could hope for in a criminal investigation,” Greg Kading told AllHipHop in a statement. “It’s important to close the case for history’s sake, knowing that Tupac’s murder is not a mystery. Tupac’s friends and family deserve the closure that the evidence in the case provides.”


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