Rapper, Blueface parents Assualted in a Home invasion

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The Thotiana rapper Blueface’s parents recently were victims of home invasion. According to TMZ, his mom who is known as Karlissa Saffold and his step dad were used as a target to the rapper. The rappers parents got in to a loud argument with four men during the invasion where his stepdad came out sustaining an injury.

TMZ reported that the attackers shattered the back window at midnight but were scared away before returning hours later. Blueface dad had heard suspicious noises which prompted him to go downstairs to check before bumping into the suspect in a loud fight. sources reported another intruder who joined the altercation, pointing an object at the stepdad before striking him in the head with it.

The attackers fled leaving the rappers step dad unconscious with several injuries on his left eye causing a bloody situation before he was taken to the hospital for medication.


There have been no arrests so far as the cops are still investigating on the incidents. The report filed discloses that Blueface who wasn’t at home during the incidents was the main target. This comes after Blueface and his friends allegedly attacked a bouncer at Skinny’s Lounge in the San Fernando Valley. They apparently got into a scuffle due to identification issues which happened a month ago.

Late last year, the rapper kicked out his mom and sister our of his home at California. There seems to me a misunderstanding between them and the rappers romantic partners which caused the rapper to toss out their belongings outside which happened after Blueface girlfriend refused greeting them. To clear the feud, the rapper came out to apologize for everything which had happened in a video as everything died down after that.

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