Quavo & Future New Song ‘Turn Yo Clic Up’ Listen

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These two hip-hop rappers have finally linked up on a brand new song titled “Turn Yo Clic Up”, a song from Migos resident rapper Quavo.

This song is out of Migos camp meanwhile, it has given the impression that Quavo’s Turn Yo Clic Up is likely to be part of his upcoming album Indeed.

But just hold on, it seems like most of us don’t understand the hint as of the last time we saw Quavo and Future performing on stage during the 2023 BET Awards.

Well, that was actually worth it as their performance was directly for the last Migos rapper TakeOff who was shot to death on Nov. 2022.

While many rappers have shown tribute to TakeOff, Quavo and Future did not again just last month. But some fans were able to grip on the idea that both are up to something.

Sure, Quavo and Future are good collaborators loved by many and today you are listening to their 2023 song collaboration titled Turn Yo Clic Up. You can listen to the song below and let us know what you think.

Future Quavo song, will it appear on “Quavo” ‘ROCKET POWER’ PROJECT: BRACE YOURSELF FOR THE BLAST!”? Well the answer will definitely be a positive one until the reveal the official date of this project.

So, Aswehiphop has compiled Quavo’s 2023 songs and features. He has three featured songs which include “Ring Ring”, “Hony Bun” and “Greatness.”

But on his solo single without Migos, Quavo has released “Without You” and “Turn Ya Clic Up” with Future which also appeared on Future’s 2023 songs and features.

In other words, Future has continued to maintain his stand as the most featured rapper in 2023. No album, mixtape or joint album this year yet. But his 2023 songs compilation has been proving for him.

Future is the most featured male hip-hop rapper Aswehiphop has recorded so far.