Migos Takeoff confirmed Dead at 28, Shot in Houston

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The death of Takeoff is strange to hip-hop community right. Takeoff, one of Migos resident rappers shot in Houston.

It has been confirmed that the death of Takeoff happened shortly after 2:30 AM, according to TMZ. Law enforcement and other related witnesses have confirmed that Migos Takeoff is gone.

How the incident is quite strange, and source revealed that Quavo and his brother Takeoff were on ground playing dice. Suddenly there was a shot broke out directly to Takeoff head.

Below is a photo obtained from TMZ showing blood of the rapper on the floor while the person on orange colour shirt is Quavo who was crying seeing his partner lying on the ground dead.

The death ofTakeoff photo

It was also reported that two other people were shot and were taken to the hospital in private vehicles. It’s unclear what their conditions are. Quavo was not injured.

Most recently, Quavo and Offset had released a project as the duo, Unc & Phew. They had just released their latest music video, “Messy,” on Monday.

Rest In Peace Takeoff.