Pusha T Drake Beef Prevents Rapper Entering Canada

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Pusha T Drake’s difference is ending no soon. While Pusha T’s latest album is totally free from Drake, looks like Drizzy is far more distance in signing peace with Pusha T. It’s Almost Dry, the album has nothing do with Drake because Pusha T avoided his beef status with the Toronto native.

The news about Pusha T’s restriction began to trend online after Pusha T latest stop at episode of Drink Champs. He talked about many things but also touch on beef with Drake.

Well, Pusha T still feel much comfortable despite his ban from entering Canada. Pusha T Drake beef still existence and looks like Puaha T is the one suffering it most. But it’s all NO. Check out below what he shared lately as regards to the ban against him from Canada.

“I’m banned from Canada,” he revealed on the show, to which N.O.R.E. joked that Push went “too far” on his diss.

Push responded: “I don’t care. There is no ‘too far’! I don’t play like that—that’s why you don’t play with me… Leave me alone! Leave me be because there is no too far!”

Pusha T has cleared it up about about his entering Canada. Taking a close surveillance, you will see he is accusing Drake and Chubbs of this restriction. However, nobody when the ban will be lifted, nobody knows if it is temporary or permanent ban.

Drake and Chubbs did catch wind of Pusha T’s reaction and they have responded. Both denied they did nothing.

“We Don’t Ban N****z We Welcome Them With Open Arms,” Chubbz wrote in the caption of his post on Instagram.

Drake added in the comments, “come on over,” with a laughing emoji. You might also like to watch one the past interview of Pusha T where he talked about his beef with Drake.

Pusha T Drake beef began back in 2011 and it an intense beef that is not endy anytime soon. As you can see, the beef is till on but frankly speaking Pusha T has addressed this beef to be over.