Dennis Graham We Don't Trust You


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Dennis Graham, the father of Drake, has taken aim at Future, Metro Boomin, and Kendrick Lamar for disparaging his son in the song “We Don’t Trust You.”

The primary offender was Kendrick, who delivered a caustic guest verse on the song “Like That,” hurling many barbs at both Drake and J. Cole.

The album’s title track, where Future spoke about a “fake friend” sneak dissing and pillow talking, has also been rumored to be an attack on the 6 God, leading many to believe the former colleagues have broken up over a woman.

Observant fans have also seen that after the release of We Don’t Trust You, Rick Ross and NAV have both unfollowed Drake on Instagram.

Graham, in a sardonic Instagram post on Monday (March 25), addressed Future, Metro, and Kendrick in response to what appeared to be attacks on his son.

“Hey, I’m going to release some new music soon, and I don’t know if it will be successful. But, I’m going to call some of my friends and tell them to start a feud with Drake and unfollow him, which will cause my music to soar to the top,” he wrote.

I have no doubt that this will succeed, so let me enlist some support and see what type of attention it garners!!!!!! One day, I will be number one…

Metro Boomin has told fans to “stop making stuff up” in an effort to dispel the myth that Drizzy and Future had a falling out over a lady, despite his own recent problems with Drake.

Drake seemed to address the many criticisms directed at him on We Don’t Trust You when making an appearance at a concert over the weekend.

He addressed the Florida crowd with a message of defiance, stating, “A lot of people ask me how I’m feeling. I will tell you how I am feeling. I want you to leave this place tonight in the same manner that I am feeling.