Offset Speaks His Truth, “Hip-Hop Is Black Culture”
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Offset Speaks His Truth, "Hip-Hop Is Black Culture"

Widely, Hip-Hop is shelved from black Americans and it has being a fixture in music industry, an art established from one particular race.

Knowing the history of Hip-Hop is more of excitement definitely for blacks. But it has become a globe art practice variously and both black and white do hip-hop, consume it yet keep it going.

Offset is little bit nervous and wants to let it known to his fan about how the culture still maintains black originality.

If you don’t know what goes on behind-the-scenes in hip-hop then Offset is reinforcing it again that Hip hop Is Black Culture. The Migos rap counterparts took to Twitter and offload what might be missing off from most minds.

“Sorry but hip hop is black culture don’t speak or give game if u don’t have black culture duh.” He said on Twitter account.

Well, he also caught some winds from diverse fans that thinks Offset is simply making defamatory. His reputation about hip hop is a great way to divide people, of course he talks about race and few of his white fans are perciving his racist. What do you think.


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