Offset & Cardi B New Song ‘JEALOUSY’ — Watch

Offset & Cardi B New Song ‘JEALOUSY’ — Watch

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It’s pretty much ok to say Offset And Cardi B the second Jay-Z Beyonce who always uses whatever they have to keep their relationship and today they have shared a brand new 2023 song called Jealousy.

Already Cardi B and Offset Jealousy song was once teased on social media. The photo of them was uploaded on Instagram with the title Jealousy.

Cardi B and offset jealousy

Aswehiphop has not compiled Cardi B’s 2023 songs and features. Her husband Offset at least has gotten a few features. Jealousy has been added to Offset 2023 songs and features as compiled here on Aswehiphop.

On the other hand, Cardi B of course, features in songs like “Point Me 2” from FENDIDA, on “Put It On Da Floor”, a song from Latto. They are Cardi B’s previous songs in 2023.

Cardi B has revealed more insight about her upcoming album. But that happens, Offset and Cardi B giving fans what’s likely to be called a banger.

Offset Cardi B Jealousy song might be part of Offset’s upcoming album which he is readying to drop by the end of the month. Meanwhile, there is this possibility of having Cardi B and Offset 2023 albums respectively.

Jealousy is now serving as the most latest Cardi B and Offset song. Back in 2019 when Offset released his album Father Of 4, he also featured Cardi B on a song Clout.

Well, fans really love the way both are working together. Not only as a family but both as lovers. Below we also share the video of Cardi B and Offset Jealousy.

Produced by Fierce and IsThisShiv, the real-life couple style on their opposition and address the ongoing chatter on their publicized relationship.

“Niggas still bite my style, they can’t be too upset / I done laid low for a while, they can’t be that upset,” raps Offset. “Niggas lost all my respect, they can’t be that upset / Niggas point fingеrs at ‘Set, and I ain’t even donе nun’ yet,” he continues before Cardi checks in with a hot verse.

“Bitches don’t wanna go Birkin for Birkin / Bitches ain’t got enough hits for a Verzuz / Bitches be actin’ so different in person / Cartier frames, I can see why she nervous