Cardi B 2023 plans for her album

Cardi B Reveals 2023 Album and Plans

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As of July 7th, Cardi B teamed up with rapper FENDIDa on a new song “Point Me 2.” The song came after she collaborated with Latto’s “Put It On Da Floor.” She already has plans in getting more features this year 2023.

Weeks ago Cardi B also revealed more plans for her new album. She clarified that the album will be worth but it doesn’t matter how long it takes. She also confirmed that there will a new single ahead of her new album. It has been part of her plans.

Previously: Cardi B has a huge plan for her album, which will definitely lose grip this year. Just like we said, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj albums are storming 2023. Cardi B since 2018, she has not dropped any album. But she has been releasing new singles and has also been featured on Aswehiphop 2021 top compilations. Cardi B appeared on 2022 top compilations. There, you will possibly see all the songs she has been featured on since Invasion of Privacy. Cardi B 2023 plans include her album, especially.

Cardi B’s planned her album to get zero rivals. She definitely doesn’t want 2018 drama to repeat itself despite having that year as an integral part of her rap career.

Cardi B has once revealed the major reason why the album has not been released. However, her album seemed ready in 2022 after she released Hot Shit featuring Kanye West and Lil Durk. She late commented about anxiety as the reason behind her sophomore album.

TMZ has also revealed part of Cardi B 2023 plans as regarded to her album. she wasn’t ready for her privacy to be invaded once again. Cardi B has not officially revealed her next album title or release date. She will do that later this year. From what we have seen lately on Instagram post, Cardi B is in the studio finishing what she has started and what would finish in 2022.

In 2021, Cardi B was the only female rapper that had No. 1 song on Billboard Hot 100 with her ‘Up‘ song just like Nicki Minaj did last year with her Super Freaky Girl. She might also put the least No. Billboard Hot 100 or 200.

Cardi B is simply checking the best year, season, day and hour to get her album on streaming platforms. But the fact is that she will soon announce her album release date. Both artwork and tracklist will be shared as well. The wait is too much.