Nicki Minaj Get Survey For Changing Name On Twitter

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Nicki Minaj Gets Survey For Changing Name On Twitter

The internet is also made up with public domains where folks exchange viral sentiments, causing stirs from particular angle. Minaj couldn’t run above internet residents, her fans and more. Remember Yikes was released and catch ton of attentions but after that awareness more detective folks have been perceiving some of her domestic, her innermost relationship with Kenneth, husband.

What exactly are My spitting at ? Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty took is by surprise as husband and wife. She formally changed her Twitter handler name from Nicki Minaj to Mrs. Pretty and recently she has returned back to her commercial name, though Yikes.

From Mrs. Petty back to Nicki Minaj ? the world took note and many are wondering if there is trouble between the two. Many surrounding her social media are noting the about the change. Nicki, according to our source, she’s working but feel good to stay out of media

Amahiphop from what we observed on her Twitter page, Nicki Minaj Changed name to promote her Yikes song ?

What do you think.

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