Nicki Minaj Teases New Song For New Album – Watch
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Now you need to draft your thoughts about Nicki Minaj coming to lan for another round of rival but in 2020. New decade has kicked and Onikita wants to maintain her music front with front wheel drive.

Want to know the frenzy behind most Barbz getting so excited ? Then let’s bring it to you notice about Nicki working on new album. Nicki Minaj took to her Mrs. Petty account, shared new rap lines from studio. Been long we heard more standalone single and Megatron has been playing repeatedly with her other catalog hits.

“I play tag & you #IT for life. You a 🤡 you do it for likes. #Yikes,” she captioned.

Listen album is clearly proving Minaj still with mic not quitting. Not sure if this song coming but the least we are assuring is Nicki Minaj bodying herself with more feature unreleased sounds. No album last year yet her 2019 song has been compiled for streaming. Also check out her new song video Nice To Meet Ya.


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