Joyner Lucas Shares New ‘Revenge’ Song and Release ADHD Date

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Joyner Lucas Shares New 'Revenge' Song and Release ADHD Date

Joyner Lucas is prepping to table out his inner workings sometime this after a wide array of delay yet the spitter wants his fans not to hope on desperation over the ADHD anticipated album.

Behind the album, there’s brand new song, released yesterday and it’s called Revenge. Also not really that’s the first song featuring his unreleased project. Although last year some of his songs surfaced online over the wake of his future album. Probably some of you have listen to Revenge but here’s the full version of the song below.

To top it off, I over saw some media outlet promising fans that Eminem is being featured on Joyner Lucas’s ADHA album which has been slated to release in March, just next month. While on interview with Zane Lowe’s show on Beats 1 radio, he noted why the album is delayed till date.

Joyner Lucas is gearing to have his own brand and going solo off from his record label has been his striving over the past few year but waiting for the right time. But this time looks like he’s hunting for Independent is at work. Watch interview below.

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