Nicki Minaj Big Foot

Nicki Minaj Teased New Single “Big Foot”

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Female rapper “Nicki Minaj” has announced a new single that she is working on titled “Big Foot” which is actually dropping  on 28 January, this news has actually  brought joy to her fans as they are so eager to get the new song on their streaming platforms.

Moreover, the new song is actually coming  with something else, following the Megan the Stallion picture looking so unimpressed  that she included on her post while she was teasing the released  of the new song titled “Big Foot.”

Moreover, Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion have been having  some online beef foe some time now, and Megan Thee Stallion just released  a single that she Titled “Hiss” where she actually dissed the female rapper Nicki Minaj in some of her rap lines in the some.

So, following  the fact that Nicki Minaj included Megan Thee Stallion picture looking  so unimpressed on the post she made concerning  the release of her newest single, fans believe  that this song is going to be a big response  to Thee Megan.

Meanwhile, Megan Thee Stallion actually  started this beef after she made a statement  concerning  Nicki Minaj husband who fell afoul of sex offender registry. Nicki Minaj husband “Kenneth Petty” recently served a four years jail terms after he was found guilty of attempting to rape a minor.

Since the beef started, Nicki minaj had not actually responded to her outside twitter, but she is about to give her a very public response  with her upcoming single ” Big Foot” following  the impression she has created with her announcement.

Meanwhile, fans of the two female rappers are beginning  to take the matter personal as they have kept on talking about it everyday, although people are actually blaming Megan as they say that she went too far.