Nicki Minaj Baby’s Gender and Name
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Some fans have followed Nicki Minaj social media activities unlike probably before since the appeal remains what is Nicki’s Baby name and gender.

Love it or loath there’s inner cactus, I mean Young Money might be keeping unbeknown secret till the baby’s birth.

While so many queries on Google search function, at least Nicki Minaj Pregnant Bump has proven it all meanwhile desperate folks wants to know Nicki Minaj unborn baby name which is currently rare but not Lil Wayne and Tekashi ?

The heck is that Nicki Minaj unborn baby is a girl and Tekashi knows her real name ?

Well that could possibly be untrustworthy from Celina Powell who is adding grain of salt inside tea. According to her sayings to Adam22, “Anyway, Nicki Minaj is pregnant with a girl,” she said. “[Tekashi 6ix9ine] confirmed it but I actually heard it from Lil Wayne. I was with somebody and Lil Wayne FaceTimed him and they were talking about Nicki’s pregnancy. I was like ‘Oh my god!’ and I wanted to record the conversation so bad but I knew I would get kicked out and I didn’t wanna f*** up my relationship with that guy.”


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